Mother Worm Father Hog EP

by Wormhog

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Zhakathoom The spoofy name, silly title and the cheezy cover does not do this band justice IMO. This band should be named Supergood - The God of others, the album titled Fantastdisc EP of Gloridoom and the albumcover should depict a half demon, half angel decending through a blazing light into the midst of a coven of naked, worshipping witches, wielding a reapers scythe in one hand and a six string axe in the other. Seriously guys: a bit of pomp to match your brilliance wouldn't go amiss. ;) Favorite track: Groover.
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FDJ With the competition hotting up between Greece and Sweden over who is the best stoner rock nation, Greece may have taken an early lead with Wormhog.
Doomy retro grooves plus great vocals, swirling guitar solo's and solid rhythms.
Good stuff..... Over to you Sweden. Favorite track: Decadence.
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Recorded Live at Dstudio, Athens


released November 26, 2014

Artwork by Chris Diamantopoulos



all rights reserved


Wormhog Athens, Greece

Wormhog is a Trip Metal band from Tripolis of Arcadia formed in August 2014.

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Track Name: Groover
With the head held high the serpent king's
first in the waltz
Bewitched by the sound of the dancin flute
we dance along
Emergin from shadows in light for the act
and shadows again
Not proud to deny the warmth
while sky's ablaze

R:Sittin by his wrapped shut crate
Eager to tame every rake

Power of awesome,addictin groove
show us your grace
Seems like the "Groover"'s a state of mind
we must embrace
Friends or foes
with mouths full of bane
Pretend to deny their love
for his fucked up brain

R:Let the Groover take the steer
to where pleasure meets the ear

Track Name: Decadence
The ritual's startin 'n' the smoke is my friend-a
Possessed by sounds trying to drive out the fiends
Disguises falling as we bask in the shame
More shit will flutter in the cosmos todaaaaaaay

The candle's flickerin 'n' shadows prevail
we see the purpose but we can't find a trail
Lord of this world's a crook be my bitch tonight
We found euphoria in rhythmes of criiiiiiime

Consider us rich, In a new dimension
We smoked the witch, 'n' we found connection
The theme of the speech, Majestic decline
Majestic , Decline
Is it luck will you act as you want
Choked my throat on the smoke of your bones

Take me up throw me down on the ground
I found love 'n' the clocks start to count
Track Name: Welcome Motherfucker
You are not welcome here
frosty atmosphere
callow newborn prey in the gin

There's nothing to fear
mama's still right here
lay your burdens to the seer
Skele-tor key
despoil, my sacristy
overcast, my free will
faint flare, I wilt

There's nothing to fear
mama's still right here
lay your burdens to the seer

Welcome into turmoil
betrayed by my own foil
run for i am too spoiled
to know the side of toil

Space for the astroid |
Space for the astroid |
welcome in the void |
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